Hydraulic level and coolant question

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Apr 21, 2023
Hello. Recently acquired a 2016 t550. It appears to have slow leak on a lift arm seal. The sight class appears empty. I added a gallon, no change. Parked it with that side much lower and still can’t see anything.

Is it possible it’s so cloudy and the fluids just clear enough I can’t see it?

Or could it just be more than a whole gallon low? Still seems to operate fine.. any other way to check besides that window? Any method to add to it without over filling?

Also coolant is a little low. I want to top it off but it appears it’s the original purple stuff which I know is PG. (hoping it’s the original. Guess I don’t know but it looks like it’s got a purple tint)! I’m scared to mix it for sure as I know that’s bad.

Found peak Sierra PG coolant locally, is that OK to use to top off? Can’t get my hands on bobcat coolant without ordering online..

Thanks all!


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Jun 1, 2012
Depending on the hydraulic oil, if it is overfilled it may be hard to tell with the sight glass. I always use a flashlight on the sight glass because it helps show any tint in the fluid. It is also possible that the reservoir is real low. The reservoir in my A300 takes 4.7 gallons. I think your T550 only takes 2 gallons. On your machine you should be able to remove the hydraulic oil fill cap, the screen in the top of the tank, and then just put a clean rod into it to check the height of the oil like a dip stick. You may be able to see the rod through the sight glass. Make sure you clean everything around the opening before removing the screen.

As for the coolant, if it is just a little low you can add some distilled water to it to bring it up. As long as it isn’t a lot it shouldn’t effect it much. However, since this machine is new to you and you really don’t know what is in it, I would suggest replacing the old coolant.

I usually buy my coolant from Bobcat. They make you buy 6 gallons at a time, the T550 takes just under 3 gallons, but you get free shipping on orders over $99 and it is always good to have extra coolant on hand. I usually buy other maintenance items, like filters, to make sure I get the free shipping.