How to grease the 743 U joints

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Nov 29, 2006
Thanks to this forum I was able to locate the U-joints that reside between the engine and pump. For those that have not completed this procedure, I have made a quick step by step method here. Raise operators cab and secure Open engine compartment door. Get on the right side of the machine. (passenger side in a US car) The fittings are down to the rear of the machine right between the engine and pump. Have someone slowly turn the engine clockwise (as facing the front) at the crankshaft until you can feel the 3 zerk fittings come around toward you. When they are at about the 1 o'clock position stop. Go around to the back of the machine and draw 2 white lines with whiteout or paint. One on the crankshaft and another on the block which lines up with the first line. Next time that they need grease, you won't need a helper to find the fitting. Just line up the two lines. Get back on the right side of the machine. (passenger side in a US car) Stick the grease gun hose down on each fitting and give each about 2 squirts of grease. Don't try this without a hose on the grease gun, unless you are more agile than I am, I don't think that it is possible. The longer the hose the better. In fact, a cordless grease gun would be the best of all worlds. I am open to any corrections or suggestions to this method. Tom


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Feb 8, 2007
Take a remote engine starter switch and hook to the solinoid , click it to you get a line up , get a coupler and hook two grease gun hoses together , gives up 24 inches of hose to deal with so up can lay the grease gun flat and still pump with one hand