Help with a 1997 773 bobcat Bics seat and valve light

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Jan 20, 2006
I'm posting this as a searchable reference for others with "Bobcat BICS" problems

The problem is with the safety valve that unlocks the loader once its satisfied the operator is seated and the seat bar is down.

according to the bics the seat light is not lit so the seat switch does not detect the operator presence and therefore the valve does not light/unlock
Does your loader have a green "push to operate" up on the dash?
If it does it was updated and the seat switch was removed.

If it does not there will be a magnet switch around one of the rear seat bolts holding the seat to the cab, (lift cab to view)
According to the bics light that does not come on there is a problem with this switch. it could be a pop can or gravel under the seat (quite common) preventing the weight of the operator from pressing the seat down and activating the switch. Also common is the is that the switch becomes loose or damaged from the operator bouncing on it over time. look for loose bolts, broken wires etc.
The switch is composed of a inner cylinder with a magnet imbedded in it and this magnet must align with the sensor on the outer part (where the wires come out) in order to light the bics light. ( there is no wires you can twist together on the seat switch to make it work)
You can however remove the switch from the seat and glue the 2 parts together in the postion that activates the switch and tie it up safely away from the pounding the seat takes.

The seat light that is out needs to light along with the others you mention in order to put power to the lock valve (valve light on the bics)

The only other option to bypass would be to take power from the key switch and power up the lock valve (this is what happens when the bics "valve" comes on) so that turning the key to run, unlocks the the loader functions, but the traction lock overide buttion would have to be pressed to release the parking brake. This is just a safe, if you shut the engine off before exition the loader

Of couse check for broken wires, coroded or poor conections, etc
I believe the update to the "push to operated" button that bypasses the seat switch is @ $225.00

Btw, the switch on the seat bar is identicle to the seat switch, the seat bar one rotates the cylinder into position and the seat one slides the cylinder into the switch endways.
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Hi, My name is Chris. I'm sorry to bother you I know you're busy. But I have a problem with a 1997 Bobcat 773 series C skid steer. It has 923 hours, and the lift and bucket doesn't operate. It acts it wants but stops. The only lights on the bics that comes on are the power, traction, and seat bar. The seat and the valve indicators don't light up. All fuses are good. Can you tell me what it could be. TIA