Cat track loders undercarraige

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Feb 8, 2007
I changed the track on a Cat 287B tracked loader today and have to say that the ASV under carraige is junk here in the mud we have in south Louisiana , it is a good machine on pavement , but why have tracks on pavement as they last about 500 hours on high percentage of pavement use and they cost right at $5000 per set at dealer , that's $10 every hour it runs not counting idle time which makes it even worst , the tracking system doesn't work in the wet mud slop , it seems the mud dries up around the rollers and binds them up which eats the rubber off the rollers , seems you would have to pressure wash the undercarrage every couple of days as it turns to concrete around the rollers , the rollers turned fine once the dirt was cleaned out , and it is pretty hard to change a track on a 287 , it took over 2 hours to do one with 2 people and a machine where I can do 2 T-300 tracks in about an hour and 20 minutes by myself if I have an excavtor or skidsteer there , just some thoughts on the Cat the tracks cost alot , hard to change and don't last , it's a snow mobile with a bucket on it


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May 8, 2008
you summed it up pretty well. rubber on rubber just dont work.
sounds like it was a busy day of under carriages. day in hell . I have wash my machine out today thank-g that I have a 400psi blaster .The track/undercarriage is one strange expensive adventure and challenge . I spent 7hrs on and off more on than off using a saw off wand to get the cramp from the inner part of the wheel.Did you have metal spacers against the wheel. The aussies take that off for some reason dirt,dirt what a monster . Their was some alumium boogie wheels on the net