Case 1835B pump seal leak again

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May 17, 2022
Hey everyone.

I paid a shop to put a new pump seal in where the shaft goes to the engine. Told him when I dropped it off to go over it check and make sure there is no bearing play or an issue with the shaft. He put a seal in it and leaked again as soon as got it home.

He’s coming this week to put another seal in. I’m thinking there’s another issue and it’s pushing oil out of the seal, from what I read that seals pretty much there to keep dirt and stuff out of the pump. It leaks even with engine off. So anytime I use it I go through $80-100 of fluid. It’s getting old and hurting my pockets. When you shut the engine off you can hear it spit fluid/air for 1-2 seconds.

Is there anything to look for. Little research I did said to check the case drain. Anything else that could be causing the internal leak ? Or continuous seal issues


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