Can I add a cab, and which tires to buy??

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Mar 17, 2005
Two questions, but that's basically it. Can I somehow add on to my 1999 863 to have an enclosed can and heat for snow removal next year?? Secondly, what should I look for in tires?? I have some pretty bald ones, and they already suck. I don't really know what to look for in a tire. I landscape, and because of where I keep the machine, I will spend a little time on concrete, but work mostly in the dirt... thanks greg


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Mar 27, 2004
Yes and yes. Does that help? I guess not. The cheapest place I have found for replacement tires that are comparable 12.5 x16 is on E-Bay. Deliverded to your door for less than you can get at a dealer and no sales tax if out of state. The glass cab enclosure is @$1000 for a G sreies loader. I should know I installed one on my 864G 3 weeks before selling it. I put it on because of all the snow work. The heat package is @$1500 less install so I went with a small plug in ceramic heater to defog the front window. If you are really motivated sell your machine locally of better than trade in value and buy a Gold package machine. You get more with the package by a huge margin in upgardes than slowly adding to a basic machine. Deluxe security panel upgade @800, Glass enclosure @$1000, etc..... Eventually the upgrades make sence on payments for a new machine and you can write off new equipment at a better rate than just straight upgrades. That is if my accoutant is to be belived, but he signs the tax returns so why not.