Bought an 853, have a few questions

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Apr 19, 2007
1. The machine will not move until the sticks are pushed out pretty far. How do I adjust this? 2. he machine pulls to the right , where do I need to adjust this? 3. Parking brake is out of adjustment, but there are no more threads left to adjust... will stacking washers up fix this? 4. The backup alarm sounds no matter the postion of the sticks. Bad sensor? adjustment? Also, I believe the right finger trigger is supposed to sound an alarm... however it doesnt... or am I wrong 5. What do each finger triggers do? I realize these are alot of questions, but my service manual hasnt come in yet, and I need to get things moving. wait 1 more.. are 853 always real tippy!? i have flipped it forward twice my first 15min running it. Thanks abunch guys, Im thankful for any assist you can give.


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Dec 7, 2004
The backup alarm is most likely out of adjustment. the same as the steering.
The park brake should work by attaching washers. If not you will need to replace a few brass wear pucks inside the chain case. These are basically brake pads that run on 2 metal discs.
If you have tipped the machine forward a few times already, it seems you are trying to lift too much weight or you have your load facing down hill when it should face up hill. Is your land on a hill or flat? if its flat, you will have an awfully large load on there! also, keep the load as close to the ground as possible. If it does tip, it won't hurt much as it will only drop a few inches.

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