Bobcat 530 Chain Case Bolts Stripped

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Oct 20, 2006
Hello Everyone, I was so excited to find this forum! I am working on an old 530, I think it's an early 80's model. We have built the Kohler engine, so it runs great. The hydraulics are running pretty good now too. I had a problem with the chain case leaking on the front, so I replaced that gasket there. The only problem is the bolts appear to be stripped. I can tighten them only so far, and then they pop. I ran it a little last night, and it didn't appear to leak, so I think it might hold for a little while. This summer I plan on taking both covers off and replacing them both, but my question is, what do I do about my stripped bolts? This thing has been hacked on and "patched up" numerous times before I got it. I'm thinking I'm going to have to drill and retap the holes, unless someone has a good idea about how to get a nut and bolt on there. Thanks in advance! --Boatdreamin


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Oct 19, 2006
depending on the size when I was at bobcat they used alot of self tapping bolts on the covers on the newer machines. If its a 5/16" or a 3/8" they have plenty at the dealer and they arnt expensive. Ive also MADE self tapping bolts out of metric bolts that are just a bit bigger then the original SAE bolts. But of course self tapping bolts can be had at any supply store.