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Aug 22, 2006
I understand the 743 attachment plate is unique?. I have an oppertunity to pick up a good backhoe that's on a 743, Can I adapt to fit a 853?.


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Jan 20, 2006
To the best of my knowledge the quick attach plate should be the same. The only difference (that i'm aware of) is the older hoes like model 909 used 2" trailer balls mounted on the loader frame above the boom cross member and on the inside the loader arms, and on the newer hoes lke the 709 used 2 frame mounted hooks on the outside of the loader arms.
Bobcats quick attach has been the same forever, except the real tiny ie 371, 440 450 463 loader use a smaller version.
I'm would think you can make it work. I would ditch the factory system that bobcat used to stabilize the bucket tilt cylinder in favour of a common 3 pt hitch top link from a tractor. They are available in a quick release version, would be easier to install and use then either of the factory setups from bobcat, and the hoe could then be used on any brand of loader without further modification.
I have the new style 709 hoe but it won't fit my New Holland becase the top arms on the hoe are 2" too narrow to go around the outside of the boom.
I seen the 3 pt hitch top link used on a Cat skidsteer with a 911 pro JD hoe and it was a slick and easy setup adaptable to any other skidsteer

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