763G repaired

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Aug 13, 2022
After bobcat technician worked 16.25 hours, the bobcat is running. He out late one afternoon to work on it and decided to back it in pole barn out of inclement weather. Spent two hours taking off parts before leaving. Next day finished parts removal, had to remove muffler, valve cover, water reservoir, head, air cleaner, to be able to get ONE bolt out of thermostat housing!!!!! (stupid engineering design) Bobcat charged me $125 to get thermostat housing from another dealer, $300 for gasket kit and I have 5 or 6 gaskets that weren't needed. Said they would have to order a lone head gasket but it would take 3 weeks to get it. Then he couldn't get it to turn over. At first he said it must be starter. I had a brand new in box starter on shelf. He put it on, kept switching wires around with same results. Then he said I owe you a new starter.... he then put old starter back on. After 3-4 hours he finally got it to start. He said don't ask me what was wrong, it just started and I don't know why. He then told me there was a small leak in the corner of the radiator. Because the unit was overheating I had purchased a new radiator online. I said go ahead and install it. I am now waiting for an invoice from dealer to see what the charges will be. 3 trips @ $79.00 each + $300.00 + $125.00 +16.25 hours @ ???.?? per hour...... I hope dealer will buy back unused gaskets and deduct 3-4 hours labor. The bobcat never had problems starting and technician himself started it and backed it into pole barn. If I have starter checked out and it is ruined, technician said 'HE' will buy me a new one. Must not want to tell dealer what happened..... I LOVE MY BOBCAT, JUST LIKE I LOVE MY JOHN DEERE MOWERS, but they both have a monopoly on parts which pisses me off. If they both came down on their prices more people like myself wouldn't have to search the internet for other options and they in turn would sell more items. I wonder if Case and Caterpillar have a monopoly on parts??????