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Sep 27, 2007
Does anyone know where we can get a manual for a Bobcat 743 ? Also can anyone help with some question. My bobcat seems to want to creep to the right and the pump has a screaming noise which stops when I slightly pull back on the left hand control. I am suspect of the big spring that centres the two directional controls. Has anyone come across either of these problems ? Does anyone know how to check the oil level in the drive chain case, how to top it up and what oil should I use ? Are there any adjustments to the drive chains needed. Any help would be appreciated


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Dec 7, 2004
Ok, where to start.
The manuals are available from E-Bay and your dealer. Some dealers are actually cheaper than the net. Call your dealer for a price first.
The creeping is from wear in the steering adjustment. It has nothing to do with the spring, the spring pushes a plate back to hold the pump center. When the pucks wear it will not center like it once did. This can be adjusted but its not a real easy job. You need to be patient with it as you only need it to be out slightly and the wheels will move. The squeal you hear is only when the park brake is on? if so thats totally normal if the adjustment isn't spot on.
The chain case oil level is easy. Park on flat ground and remove the plug at the front where the arms come down. Oil should just trickle out or be able to be felt if you put your finger in and feel down. If its not rite it needs topping up with 10W40 or any standard engine oil. For this you remove the park brake, it sits on the top of the chain case that will allow access. Ensure you re-seal this as it allows water in. If the oil is brown or white you have water in there and it must be changed.
The chains are not adjustable.


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Feb 8, 2007
Manuel try Ebay then the dealer , creeping and noise try adjusting the steering , oil level of the drive chain case , square drive holed 3/4tpt plug in front of the machine about 8"'s off the ground , 10-30 or 15-40 motor oil , it holds about 32 quarts and the level should be at the plug threads on level ground , non adjsutable drive chains , if they are excessively loose you have a problem