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  • Still working the old 720 bobcat. Is there a source for parts to add aux hyd to one of these and what controls it? I have the middle pedal, but no lines to the front or other controls.
    Loader parts source,good hydrauluc guys,they do tons of boncat pumps etc
    New guy looking for info on 1975 Bobcat 720. Am currently working on ignition that failed yesterday and want to find info on the possibility of installing aux hydraulics. It has a center pedal but no lined to the arm or hoses. Will post some pictures later when the sun gets warmer in Western Montana.
    still using the 720 a lot but still confused about the center pedal connected to the valve body. looking at all the hoses from the valve body, I find the ones to lift and dump, but can; see any others. With the cage raised, I still can't see much under there. Any source of parts or service manuals for this? Clark 720 hydrostatic on back frame and melroe 700 on the front of arm.


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