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Dec 27, 2005
In a recent thread exchange between Horsedoc and Fishfiles, it was mentioned that the ujoint between the engine and hydraulic pump needed to be greased. Since I have never done so on my 742B (I've only had it for a couple years), I decided I had better do so. I lifted the cab and tried to see through the tangle of hoses to find the joint, but no luck. From the right spot I can catch a glimpse of the fan, but I can't come close to sneaking my hand in, to say nothing of feeding a grease gun hose- and that's assuming I could find the joint. As a last resort, I checked the service manual, and there is a good sketch which identifies the ujoint location, but is there a secret procedure for reaching it?


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Dec 7, 2004
You need a long hose to reach it!
You may need to rotate the engine slightly to gain access, its really not easy but it can be done.


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Feb 8, 2007
Try a remote starter button and wire , so that you can bump while you watch for it to come around , they are all in a line , a extra long hose (20 " s or better ) or two 12" coupled together , a one hand grip pump grease gun , battery or air powered helps as you need to hold the coupler while you pump , if looking down from the front of the machine I like the fittings at about 1:00 position , somebody with really big hands could have problems

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