Thomas 85 foot pedal function

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Nov 13, 2018
On my Thomas 85 (T85) (think its a 2005) in the floor well on the right hand side is a single foot pedal. There is a set of auxiliary hydraulic connectors on the loader arm. The ergonomic hand controls do NOT have any switches, toggles or the such built into them.

When preparing to start the skid steer I'll plomp myself down in the seat, fasten the seat belt, and leave the control bar in the raised position. Turn the ignition key to the left to warm the glow plugs. Turn key right to start position to start engine.

Sometimes after all this, the starter won't engage. Typically, on these occasions, if I raise my right foot and stomp down on the back part of the floor pedal, and try the start sequence again, the starter will engage.

So, it appears that aside from the starter safety switches built into the seat and the seat belt fastener there is another one associated with that foot pedal.

I've been through all three T85 manuals (user, repair and parts) and I'm not seeing anything about a single foot pedal.

Anyone know what that pedal is for and why it's position might prevent the starter from engaging?

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