T740 drive belt tensioner alignment

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Jun 24, 2019
Hey, I recently acquired a 2018 t740. First issue I noticed was the fuel sensor was broken. Dove into the machine and found out it's because half the drive belt separated and took out the fuel sender electrical harness. So I ordered a new belt and tensioner wheel since there was play in the bearings and wear on the wheel's OD. I have it all back together, and I'm a little confused because the belt isn't lining up with the wheel. I don't know if it's supposed to be like this or not, the parts diagram nor the service manual show a good view of it. Here's how mine looks:
drive belt and tensioner.JPG
Notice how the wheel is offset to the left of the belt, and a small portion of the belt is hanging off the right side of the wheel. Perhaps it's supposed to be like that? But if it's not it probably contributed to the old belt breaking. Anyone have experience with this and know if it's messed up?


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