T-190 Control Valve/Lift Spool

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Mar 10, 2020
2008 T-190. Had the "lift actuator not in neutral" code. 3239 I believe. Could not remove the actuator due to the spool not moving. Eventually, got the control valve out and on the bench. After finally getting the spool out, we can see damage to one of the "channels". We also found a small piece of metal where the spool came out of. (See attached pics of damage and metal piece)

I can buy a new control valve for $4200 from the dealer, but it's on backorder. No way of knowing when it would arrive. I can fly in a new spool for $200 and it'll be here in a day or two. I am opting to clean the valve body as good as I can. Install a new spool. Flush the hydraulic system as good as I can. Then run it as long as it lasts.

A couple questions: How can I clean the valve body safely without damaging seals etc? Can I use any solvent? Use hydraulic fluid only?

Where could that metal piece have come from?

Spool damage
Spool damage 2

I'm open to any advice. Appreciate any help I can get.