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Nov 13, 2006
A friend of mine has a skid steer with over the tire tracks on it and swears he would not go in the woods without them. He only takes them off if he absolutely has to. I was thinking about adding them to my machine but did not want to spend to much. I was looking at Mclaren diamond tracks and skid steer 2plus tracks on skid steer solutions web site. Any comments? I am a home owner but use my machine in the woods and in rough situations quit often. Getting almost stuck is a constant problem. I have a Thomas 245 with just under 1000 hours. I believe over 9000 pounds and 90 hp. Should I be consernd about excessive wear to my machine with tracks on it? Thanx, Rich


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Jan 20, 2006
Tracks may increease wear but so does spinning in mud and getting nowhere.
The 2 plus tracks are manufactured by www.tracksplus.com
If you go to there web site you can look up the dealers and they should be able to help you with a better price then what I have seen sss.com advertise them for
I'm a dealer for them in Ontario, and I very happy with the tracks I have from them for the money. There are heavier duty tracks, but you can have 2 sets of these for about the same money. I''m quite confident the sets I have on our rentals are going to exceed 1000 hrs or life.
So for 1.60 cdn per hour, thats good value.
I'm not sure if I can get tracks shipped factory dirrect to the customer or not, but I could check for you if you like.
I have no expierience with the Mclaren product, but they are likely a good track too. Though I see them advertised at a higher price.
At any rate if you work in dirt or soft soil/ mud you can't go wrong with tracks. I hardly ever take mine of either.