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May 13, 2008
Went get a seal kit for my 97 2040 and the next day parts person calls me and says that Mustang put out a recall in 2002 and said I was eligible all new control selenoids worth over $280. Still had to pay for seal kit but they shipped coils for free. never had a problem with the coils but I think it's pretty cool that a manufactuer honors the warranty on such an old machine.This also applies to some newer models than mine too. I'm sure Mustang would have caught up with me sooner if the company I bought it from had not gone out of business right after the sale to me. I'm sure this is old hat for you tied into solid dealers thanks Scott


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Dec 7, 2004
Its rare for companies to do this.
My digital camera, Canon A70 died a few years back, i hardly used it!!! I called canon about it and they said they can look at it and i'd be charged for parts and labor. I could buy a new one for like $100 so i said no way!
It sat in my cupboard for a few more years, i was about to dump it and thought it was worth one last look on the net. I looked and found it was a known fault (faulty batch of ccd's) and they would repair it under warranty no matter when it was bought. I was at the stage that i swore i'd never buy a canon product, but after this my faith has been restored. I can't praise them enough.
It may cost the companies a little more to repair things like this under warranty but it sure helps them with their PR. Not sure how it works with a recall, i don't know if they are law bound to fix it even if its out of the manufacturers warranty.
Then i had a Motorola mobile phone thats alert speaker died, as did my dads and his friends one too. They didn't want to know about it as it was out of warranty, needless to say i will never EVER buy a Motorola product again. Sure, i can understand if one had a problem, but 3 with the EXACT same fault?
-end rant-

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