INEXPENSIVE skid steer tires sellers recommendation

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Sep 9, 2022
Where can I buy INEXPENSIVE skid steer tires. 10 x 16.5 . Don't have to be high miler. About 8 ply would be plenty as the ones on it are 6 ply.


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Sep 2, 2015
I recently purchased a set of Camso 532 SK 10x16.5 from for $145 each, more than $50 less per tire than I could find them locally and less than any other online site I could find. They have others, too, but I was impressed with what I read about these and I couldn't beat the price. I was able to pick them up at Cassidy Tire in Addison, IL ( is their internet entity) saving the shipping charges. Being from MN, I would not have had to pay sales tax if I had them shipped which I did have to pay by picking them up there; that tax was high, nearly 10%, and I don't know what shipping would have been but, either way, I saved money. The purchase process was easy and the folks at Cassidy Tire were very helpful and a pleasure to work with; all in all a good deal. True, maybe I could have paid less for cheaper tires, but these have been really good so far. I should have never been able to get my skidder out of that mud last weekend but not so, even up hill to get out of it no problem. The back side of the lugs on these ties are stepped, supposed to help shed thick mud and that seems to work.

And to be on the up and up, I don't work for Cassidy or Camso. Just a guy with an old 732 who went looking for a deal and found one.