How to get a blank line in a post

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Apr 23, 2007
Hi, I'm new here and have posted a couple times. In my posts, I put in blank lines between paragraphs, but they seem to dissappear when posted. Any trick to get the blank lines to stick? Thanks (there is a blank line above the word 'Thanks')


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Mar 17, 2007
I too have had problems with this and there was recent post that discussed this, but I can't find it right away. Ken and I exchanged several post recently on inserting links and images, which I was having a problem with. Here it is and some of this may help.
I was using Mozilla Firefox browser and that was the main cause of my problems. Using IE solved those issues. As for the paragraphs, insert "<BR><BR>" (w/o the quotes) at the end of your sentence to skip a line. I use Mozilla Firefox so I have to "preview", then "back to edit mode" to add anything into the reply, and use the "<BR><BR>" to set paragraghs. All this is OK now that I know it.
Maybe this will help you.