Bobcat V-blade snow plow with 7 pin on Mustang 2076

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Sep 15, 2021
Hello! I have just bought a bobcat V-blade 108 to use on my Mustang 2076. The connector on the blade i 7 pin and my guess is that if you have this connector on the machine its possible to control both blades at the same time. The thing is, I dont have this connector on my Mustang. The outlet on the mustang is controlled by a button on the joystick to activate the outlet on/off. Is it possible to rewire the blade to work with my mustang or do I have to buy something else to make it work? On my old v-blade plow I could operate one blade when there was no power going thru the outlet. and when I pressed the joystick button I could control the other wing. all help much appreciated. Hope you can understand my Swenglish :) /Patrik

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