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Dec 12, 2004
I've been reading this forum for a while and I have found a lot of the posts useful. Many of the posts focus on the "hands on" aspect but I think that many of us can benefit from some of the business experience that many members have.
I have to give credit to Geoffrey for putting up this new category shortly after it was suggested. It shows that he is serious about making this site as useful as possible.
Many people have a lot of business experience and many others have a lot of experience in this particular business. I fit into the former of the two. I hope that if we can contribute our collective experiences to a category like this we can leverage that into profits.
Many things can be shared like things to cover in contracts, pricing, bidding, etc... I have done a bit of Google searching to find out what I can regarding these issues across the country and it is not that easy to find a lot of information about these topics.
Does anyone that is in this business feel that this type of collaboration would be valuable to you?


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Mar 5, 2004
Yes, I know I could benefit from developing the "business" end of my business, I got the work end covered. I posted a thread about contracts a year ago here (, but only got one reply. I would like to make custom forms for bids, customer agreements, change orders, etc... I've seen many small business get shorted because the work agreement was not in writing. Having a contract doesn't 100% guarantee collecting payment, but will serve as a legal document if you ever need to go to court. Joined in December, first post in March, welcome to the forum Dobe!