Another rotten Bobcat fan!!

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Aug 6, 2007
My name is Ron, I've been operating skidsteers since I was 12, mainly Bobcats of all sizes and a few "no-name" brands, now I am 29 and I have owned and operated my little business since 2003. Currently I own a fully loaded '03 T-190, Daemo 700lb jackhammer, 68" combo and grapple buckets, flail type brush cutter a dumping hopper and numerous buckets. Keeping me occupied on the other end of the spectrum is a little '06 wacky Hitachi EX-27 Zero tail swing excavator that I just bolted in a vinyl suspension seat from my Local Bobcat dealership and is is super comfy on the butt. I'm not making a lot of money, not even enough to cover the payments on the Bobcat, but I make 95% of my income working for my older brother who owns as an excavator operator, so it's all family money, the best kind. bobcat skidsteers have always been the best to me and my Dad who got me started on them and I will always be loyal to the Bobcat name, except their excavators, the factory can do better. I chose the Bobcat t-190 over and above anything else due to the visibility over the rear and front of the tracks, cab options, re-sale value and of course dealer reputation and proximity. And as a warning, I will flame anyone who thinks the John Deere skidsteers out there are better than anything else. Nothing runs like a Deere, WHEN CHASED DOWN BY A BOBCAT!!!!!!!!!