853 Hydraulic Noise

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Apr 15, 2007
Just got home from helping a friend. Long story short:
History: Friend had engine trouble. Pulled engine with hydraulic and hydrostatics.
Decided to clean things up. Pressure washed entire hull and engine bay
Fixed engine. Reinstalled engine and hydraulic/hydrostatics.
The Problem: Upon starting and idling noticed a chattering noise in hydraulics. Noise went away and then came back.
When it makes the chattering noise, the hydraulic cooler wants to "Stand Up" like it has high pressure going through it.
Then he called me for support. (Remind me what the shop rate is if you work on it first...
) I think he may have gotten some water/crud into a hydraulic line. We pulled the four Replenishment valves and cleaned them. One seemed to be a little tighter to remove than the others. We cleaned it off and flushed the port.
We did not restart it yet. Any suggestions on what else to check or do before we restart the engine?

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