2006 Bobcat S250 Noise when moving

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Mar 30, 2023
Hi everyone, I recently bought this 2006 S250 with 4200 hours on it. It has a noise when traveling that I'm not sure what it is. The best way I can describe it is if you put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and make it vibrate, it sounds like that. More prominent when turning at any speed but still there when going straight in fast mode. It seams to be comming from below the foot pedals and I can fell it vibrate slightly. I lifted the front wheels off the ground, they have no end or side to side end play at all. Chain play rotation is about 1.25 inches on bothe wheels. Is this normal or something I should be worried about. I checked chain oil, no leaks but low by about an inch. What do you think? Thanks...