I used to own 2 strong teenagers to help with the heavy lifting. 14 downed trees from a derecho convinced me I need a skid steer now. Case 40XT.

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Apr 22, 2022
My sons grew up, and I'm not getting any younger, so I bought a Case 40XT skidsteer after the derecho in August 2020. Wish I had bought it years ago! It has a lot of hours, but was only used for cleaning out large hog confinement buildings, which is a pretty easy life for a skidsteer. Plus, I'm a huge Cummins fan and have utmost confidence the 4BT in it is good for a lot more years if I can keep the Case from falling off it (I say the same thing about my Cummins diesel Dodge).
Now I've got an attachment addiction, lol, and I need to learn to make the most of this equipment and to maintain and fix any issues. So here I am, hoping to learn from guys who are way ahead of me in experience and knowledge. Thanks in advance!