Hello from WI

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Sep 30, 2022
Tinkerer and Jack of All Trades, I had a Bobcat 610 but sold it for a Bobcat 7753, managed to get it cheap with a lot of issues and I've been working on fixing them as I go.

So far:
Replaced water pump (seized)
Rebuilt the Bobtac (both arms were broken off, they were lifting the bucket and pounding the pins clear from below to change)
Added aftermarket gauges for oil, voltage, and water because the display was dark and I was getting a bunch of errors (so I at least know my oil and temp are ok).
Replaced a leaking hydraulic line (left side drive motor).

What is left (known):
BOSS system fix/replace/throw away (throws sensor error codes but sensors and wires are ok, so it's the BOSSs fault).
Wheel seals replace (bearings are ok, but leaks like a seiv)
Replace rear lights (all back lights are broken/missing)
Adjust steering arms (creeps back when no-one's touching them)
Adjust parking break (don't do anything)

Looking forward to more fun with it, we are looking at building our own house so we will be making a lot of use of it in the future.