2014 Cat 259d skid steer questions

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Jan 17, 2023
I have a (used) 2014 Cat 259d skid steer and the cold weather is giving me grief in starting the machine. I changed all the filters/fluids and replaced the fuel transfer pump as well. The service manual (in some areas) is a little vague so I would appreciate any input. T I A
(1) Does this model have a glow plug block heater? If so, how is it activated and how long do I leave the switch turned on before I start cranking?
(2) Once I turn on the ignition, should I be able to hear the fuel transfer pump react (make a sound to indicate it is working)?
(3) I've noticed that the fuel level (in the filter) seems to fluctuate but I haven't found any leaks yet....is the fuel level drop normal?

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