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Im replacing the hydraulic gear pump on my 40xt and the repair manual is telling me to hook up a vacum pump prior to removing the gear pump. It doesnt go into detail where and how to hook it up. Is this necessary?
Appreciate any help.
I have BOBcat a300 that is flashing a code 40-05. The machine steer up fine , Just when you engage the hydrolytic; the bobcat jerk to the right and cut off
Hello Flyerdan trying to email you about manuals. I already ordered the service manual but it's snail mail. She runs but she only turns one way. Has the Kubota D1105 in it. Might put a turbo on her. Either way I need her for my farm. Just want to be able to turn both ways. Godbless.
hey mike I was reading the post about the switch trouble 0n a 7775 JD. I have a7775 and I have no power anywhere I have tried to trace the wires checked switches. I traced the positive cable up to the starter and I have no power after that any where
642 B blowing hydraulic oil on the filter side of the hydraulic oil cooler. Had cooler check out and it was good. When it has oil in the system before it all shoots out I can driver it but not lift the bucket. Where would you start to find the issue.
Bonjour, je suis paysagiste à la retraite et je posséde un skid loader sperry new holland L 445 diesel moteur Deutz bi cylindre, celui ci est en cour de restauration.
Bobcat A770, tampering code which puts it into limp mode.
Bobcat dealer can't repair it.
Looks like I'm going to have to find the issue. haha
tampering code, assuming its trying to tell me a wiring issue?
I have bought a service manual for my client and they have ordered a Doser valve assembly and DEF tank filter from previous codes for a doser valve being blocked.
Good Morning, I have been a follower on this forum for a number of years. Usually find answers to my questions thru searching the site. I now have a problem that I haven't been able to find on the site. When I prepared a post, it says I can't post it because it thinks I am spam. What do I need to do? Thanks.
i have just broken down in an older lx 565 new holland , problem had now hydraulic power to lower boom or control in or out of bucket attachment . or wheels not turning . engine runs good and can restart it . but no oil on the ground , was plowing snow all morning . good new broken down on my own proerty lol.
n.b skid steer guy
thats no hydraulic power , made a strange noise like a wrilling sound and my first guess was a chain drive chain let go , untill i relized i had no hydraulic power up or down and now wheels turning under controle .
So it's a running engine but totally non-moving skidder?
Heavy equipment technician here to help you
got a 1997 JD 7775 it has no power, no lights it has a new battery. I have checked all fuse's and safety switches
i wish i had your dealer. i have bought 3 new machines over there. tn75d, kubota rtv1100, and my c238. when i walk in the front door they dont know me and i dont know them, the turnaround is crazy. nobody knows nothing
i hope you read our latest post that you responded to to see what i am going through
I have a John Deere skid steer that cranks but no start. I get code 636.10. And display screen says remote start connected. Replaced cam, and crank sensor. Getting fuel . Smokes black. Just wont start
n.b skid steer guy
i had a condition like that , i looked at the seat safty and seat belt , the electrical can stop it from starting ,
I was reading our post about testing the switches. You said you changed the bronze filter in the port block. I need to do this ,can you tell me how you went about changing it. Bobcat dealer said I would need a 500 dollar tool .
610 bobcat1/2 sheave that’s bolted to the motor, there’s a threaded hole on the spline . It looks like it takes a set screw/ plug , new o rings and seal has been installed and plunger is air tight but im still getting fluid coming from the weep holes from the 1/2sheave that slides on the splines . I feel that that hole should be plugged???