Tracks versus tires

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Dec 22, 2019
I have a Kubota SVV65. I have snow tires for my north facing driveway hill. I am wondering if tracks do less damage to the yard and should I get a set of over the tire tracks for the rest of the year. Thanks.


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Jul 19, 2016
just my 2 cents, but RUBBER tracks tend to suck in snow, most are all made for dirt work, ansd as such, just don't have enough edges for good traction in snow, and the rubber is way harder , which doesn't help give them traction on hardpack snow and ice!
and steel tracks , IMO< if things get icy, can be like ice skates not helping much , but have the down side
as steel tracks are HARD on the pavement cement or other like hard surfaces(there great in mud however)

if you want better traction, maybe just get a set of chains for your tires, and use when needed, some have more BITE that others pending design, so some work MUCH better on ice, than others, but they also then will be more aggressive on hard surfaces!
just be aware that tire chains can cause damage to pavement/concrete and like hard surfaces)

or possibly a dedicated set of snow tire! which will gain you SOME more traction over stock tires and NOT have you worried about damage to pavement or concrete or like hard surfaces! pure dedicated snow tires and or chains IMO will work better than rubber tracks