Standard tires vs. super float tires

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Mar 5, 2004
My 773 is equipped with the 31x13.5x16.5" super float tires. No one stocks this tire locally so I ordered a spare. The dealer quoted me $260 when I ordered it, tried to charge me $273.33 when I picked it up, then settled on $250.33. Seems like too much for tires.
The 773 is originally equipped with 10x16.5" tires and have the 31x13.5x16" option. I priced 12x16.5 tires which were considerably less expensive; the 10 plys are $160.13 and the 12 plys are $181.32. Sizewise the 12x16.5 tires are 1.5" taller and 0.5" narrower than my current 31x13.5x16.5. Both sizes of tires are rated for the 9.75" wide rim. When I am due for a new set of tires, I am planning on going with the 12x16.5" tires. Does anyone see any problems using a slightly taller tire; 1.5" overall, 0.75" ground to center of axle?