Standard flow mulcher

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Mar 29, 2008
Just wondering if anybody had seen one or knew anything about them. I am consideriing getting one for some farm cleanup. Seems maybe a better deal for small stuff than the hi flow. If they hold up. I would probally never be cutting anything above 5''. Thanks


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Jan 13, 2008
There are several on the market and they all use a different method of mulching. Here is a list to check out on the web. Gyrotrac: uses shapened teeth like a chain saw on a rotating drum. Loftness: makes several kinds some are for low flow units. Rockhound: makes a flail brush mulcher in 3 sizes. Spend the extra money and purchase the heavey duty knives with the center hammer blade if you buy theirs. www. Brushmonster: Rotary mulcher like a brush hog, except heavy duty. You need to know what you want to accomplish with a brush mulcher B-4 you purchase one. These machines all have some drawbacks ESPECIALLY with low-flow power. If you are planning on cutting 5" hardwoods and mulching the entire tree, buy a chipper! You will be scooping out a 5 acre lake with a one gallon pail. In other words you will be there for a long time, beat the hell out of your hydraulics and get very little work done. The rotary mulcher does not actually mulch. It will cut and shred brush however it leaves sharp little stubs that will cut your tires and are impossible to walk on. The Rockhound can take brush down to the ground, however you will be replacing or sharpening knives regularly if you do much "to the ground removal". DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It can be very costly to purchase a machine that disappoints you. Get a demo on your land with your machine! e-mail me if you want more of my .02 cents: [email protected] I have been reaserching mulchers for two years. I found out that it takes a BUNCH of HP and LARGE GPM of flow to mulch a tree. GET A POLYCABONATE DOOR!! These things will throw shrapnal at high speed and take your face off. Joe

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