Skid steer sprayer for prickly pear

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Jun 18, 2022
I'm in the early stages of thinking about/ designing a skid steer sprayer to be used for spot spraying prickly pear. I do a lot of both spot spraying by hand and broadcast spraying on my ranch but I have a lot of cactus that are thicker than what I can do by hand but not thick enough that broadcast spraying would be wasteful. Some of my ideas on the sprayer are:
1. Between 25 and 50 gallon
2. Electric pump (12 v) with in cab control switch
3. Front bar that would push/damage the cactus before the spray hits them (this greatly improves the effectiveness of the spray)
4. Recirculation back pressure valve
5. 2 or 3 spray nozzles with manual valves allowing spray width to be selected

I normally spray prickly pear with Surmount or the generic equivalent. I have a Kubota SVL-75-2 although this idea would work on almost any skid steer.

Any ideas or thoughts on if this would work well or be practical?