S220 High flow capacity by year

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Jul 4, 2007
Is there a way to tell a 31 gpm high flow bobcat from a 37 gpm? I have a 2005 S220 that came with an owners manual spec sheet showing 31 gpm for the high flow. But the historical specs on the bobcat site seem to show an increase in high flow capacity that began in 2003. There are two different specs (31 gpm and 37 gpm) for S220 that year. No later revisions to S220 are shown but the 2007 spec is for 37 gpm. I just want to get the right size hydraulic motor for my snow blower and any future high flow attachments.


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Apr 15, 2007
If you get the numbers off your high flow pump, Bobcat should be able to cross check its capacity to tell you what you have.
The next choice is the measure the flow. Most dealer service centers will connect a flow gauge across your auxiliary couplers that will measure the gal/min.
Northern Tool also sells one. NorthernTool Flow Meter , however it only measures up to 33 gal/min and you would still need two hoses and a pair of couplers.
You need to contact the maker of the snow blower and ask what rpm the blower is designed operate at. I bought a snow blower that was designed for high flow. My Bobcat only has 15 gal/min of aux flow. The manufacturer gave me the rpm range for max performance and the max rpm. He warned me NOT to exceed the max rpm (something about shaking it apart...) I contacted a local hydraulic supplier and gave him the numbers and the mount type and he set me up with a new motor. Unit works well.
We sized the motor so it would work well across a common range of flows. I wanted to insure the blower would work with my future upgrade to newer machine. I didn't buy the cheaper motor that has the correct displacement but was limited to 15 gal/min max.
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