Problem with case drain attachment

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Nov 12, 2023
Hi guys,
I am new in the forum so first I want to shortly introduce myself. I am a biologist and originally from Gemany but I worked and lived for the last 20+ years in Chilean Patagonia. After I have lost my job as a researcher on a field station during pandemic I started a landscaping and arborist business. So I bought some machinery, among others a Taian DY1150 mini-loader with 92l/min aux oil flow (22gal/min). It's basically a chinese copy of an Avant, Multione or bobcat articulated frame steering loader, with some restrictions in quality and some minor design flaws in comparison to the competition. But I got it for a third of what a European or American machine would have costed me and that was all I could afford. It's not the best you can get on the market, but it does the job and I am starting to like it (for the price). I also bought attachments from China. Besides the corrosion problem, these attachments do the job almost as good as non-chinese brands would do, but for much less money (since I do not have the comparison at least I believe so) . Today I tried a flail mower for the first time on a property that has been overgrown by blackberry. The flailmower starts rotation for almost a minute until it suddenly makes a creeching sound and stops, as if it would be blocked. If I switch off the attachment and try to start it again it would not. But if I switch it off and wait a minute I can start it again. And again it would run for almost a minute until it suddenly stops again. Same thing in forward and reverse...I am not stupid with machines, but I definitely have no hydraulic mechanic background and I am learning by doing. But this time I am puzzled.
One thing is that this is the first attachment that I have that has a case drain hose and I have to admit that I am not sure which connector at my loader actually is the case drain connector (if it has one at all...). I have three connectors at my machine so I supposed one is the case drain. Since I had to install the couplers myself I installed same size couplers on all three outlets. The manual for this chinese machine is very poor and no mentioning of a case drain, so I could not figure out for sure which function has each of these outlets.
So now my questions:
How could I find out if my machine has a case drain and if so which of the connectors actually is the case drain? Just following the lines is not really an option since they all disappear somewhere in the front part, then are bundled in the articulated frame. The case drain should then go forward again to the oil reservoir. No way to follow this line without taking apart the machine. Perhaps a helpfull information: When I switch off the hydraulic aux flow the flail mower keeps spinning pretty freely until it slows down and stops. If the case drain would not work, I would assume that the rotation would stop inmediately because the oil "pumped" by the spinning rotor could not go anywhere and therefore build uppressure and create a resistance. Or am I wrong?

What then could be the problem with my flail mower? Is it the wrong hose connection or something completely different.

If anyone had a helpfull answer I would be very glad!