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Feb 4, 2007
hello everyone. i thought i better introduce myself. i work for the caterpillar dealer in st louis but own a bobcat. go figgure. i bought a 743B last fall. it had a spun rod but i knew it up front. just got the engine back in and running today. i thought caterpillar yellow was high cost. i believe kubota grey has them beat. this is a very interesting forum with a load of good advise and ideas. if i can answer any caterpillar questions, let me know. i am a field tech and see a couple a week in the field. mikie.


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Aug 16, 2006
I have found Kubota green/grey to be pretty well priced (if you know where to shop).
I hope the machine is all up and running well, welcome to the site!
Hello neighbor frm here in Kentucky. Bobcat owner myself in the skidsteer line and Cat 955L & 977L in track loaders. I think you will get alot of good service out of your Bobcat. With your job you should come across some good buy's on use attachment's that people have laying around. That is the thing with being a skidsteer owner, always room for more attachments. welcome to the site dennis