New member Help! 642 won't re-start when warm.

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Jun 20, 2007
Hey I hope this site is my savior it seams there is alot of knowledge on it. Anyway my issue is my first bobcat a 642 with a ford industrial engine is giving me a little issue. Once the unit is up to operating temps for 10-15min if I shut it off it won't re-start? It will run great all day once it is running if i don't shut it off. If I let it sit for 30min or so till it really cools down then it will start. I don't see anywhere where the gas line is getting cooked to cause a vapor lock condition where do I go now?? What is the fuel shut off gizzmo on the gas line for?? If I remove the gas cap or change the fuel level none of these seam to help the problem? Thanks for any help!