Looking to rent GR Series Grapple

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Apr 19, 2006
I'm looking to rent a GR Series Grapple for a day or 2 here in washington state - I'm in redmond, wa. The local heavy/light equipment place only has a grapple bucket to rent out. I'll be needing the root grapple with articulation at the very least. I'll prolly rent the skid steer however from the local place though, just having a hard time trying to rent the proper grapple. Just looks perfect for all my projects (it's only an acre, but lots of small back breaking projects to be had in short order). Once done with that i'll spend a few hours with a rock hound and get rid of all my rocks at the surface. Anyone know of local place that might have this puppy for rent? I suppose anything along the I-5 corridore in washington should be fine with me.


Jan 19, 2006
It shouldn't be hard to find a root grapple in WA. I would just be sure that the skid steer and Grapple compliment each other. Some of those root grapples are extremely light duty. Put one of those 600 pound root grapples on a large skid steer or large track loader and you'll turn the root grapple into a boat anchor on the first solid stump you come across.

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