John Deere 329D losing programing

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Jul 27, 2022
I have 2 problems that are connected at this time. There are loose connections in the wiring harness and when it faults out the machine locks up. If I shut if off and restart it, it may reset and I can continue working until it does it again. However the bigger problem at the moment is while I try to reset the computer by turning off the machine and restarting it is that it may take a few tries to do so. While trying to start the machine, it may draw a lot of power from the battery and poof the programing is lost. I have been told it may be a bad battery, or bad connections to the battery. To me it still doesn't explain the loss of the program. Isn't there a battery on the motherboard that saves the memory. Also if this is inherent in these machines why don't they give you a way to restore the programing?