JD 6675 starter can't turn engine

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New member
Nov 9, 2007
While moving dirt on my motocross track I scooped into a pile of dirt and bogged the engine so badly that it died (not unusual). But when I tried to start it back up the engine won't turn. I can hear noise coming from the starter like it's trying to turn (but not spinning). The battery is good and it has always turned over very easily. I suspect something didn't disengage when the engine died and the flywheel won't turn. I'm not sure where to start now! The next thing I was going to try was hooking my truck too it and dragging it out of the dirt pile and shoveling the dirt out of the bucket. I'm hoping that dragging it back might disengage whatever is stuck. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Jeremy


Staff member
Dec 7, 2004
The only thing i can think of is the battery may be bad, batteries can just go bad without warning.
The other thing could be the aux hydraulics is engaged, this is more common on older machines without electronic valves.