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Sep 15, 2006
I have recently purchased a Bobcat 753 and I need a grapple of some sorts for it, although not sure what my best bet is. I am in the Tree Service business and move brush/logs/debris. I dont want something that is gonna be a heavy weight for this size of machine nor do I want a Log Grapple. Any suggestions on makes/models/size/weights etc...etc...?? Thanks In Advance

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Jan 20, 2006
I have a 66" Bobcat manure grapple that I have used alot for brush mid sized tree and smaller loose boulders up to 20" or so. It has straight tines on the bottom space every 6 or7" and i added extra tines between each one on the bottom in the empty holes to narrow it down to 3.5

Its alot like this on except it has bolt in tines on the top as well as the bottom. Room for up to 8 on the top and 15 on the bottom
The tines are vary springy and I have never broke one. It just has one cylinder and a single grapple on top and 4 curved tines across the front of the grapple.
It is fairly light yet well made. works well for brush and pulling willow roots from the soil, as well as back dragging. I would have bought the 60" but my plan was to upgrade to a 773. However the 66" worked well on my 753 and it could be narrowed by removing some of the outside tine.
My second grapple is a more HD root rake grapple from, the "quick claw" and I like that it closes quite tight @ 9" and that you can back rake with the top claw

a 60" one is available and would suit a 753