Case 1737 Squeals when you turn tight...

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Jan 25, 2007
I just bought a Case 1737 skid steer this week and got it running good. It' in incredibly good shape for a skid steer of about 30 years old and only has 1100 hours on it. I drove it for about an hour when I got it and blew a radiator hose, so I went through it and replaced both hoses, alt. and fan belts, changed the oil, topped off the hyd. fluid and added tire chains on the back. I do have a problem, once in awhile when I make a tight turn it will squeal real loud like the drive belt is slipping. The drive is belt driven so I assume it needs adjustment? It seems that this only happens in low speed and only when turning in a tight pivot. If I shift into high speed I can spin around real tight and don't get the squeal. I'm not sure how to adjust the belt... I purchased the owners manual and it says to adjust the belt every 50 hours and to 'see service manual' for instructions on how to do it. So I just ordered the service manual. Is it normal for a belt driven skid steer to squeal occasionally? Is this wearing out my drive belt prematurely? Anyone know how to adjust the belt?

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Jan 20, 2006
Is it like a snowmobile belt drive?
Do you get high range by adjusting the sheves to make one pulley smaller and the other one larger?
I not familar with this machine, but its strang that it squeals in low (when the effort on the drive wold be smaller, compared to hi range) compared to no squealing in hi.
If th belt is making the squeal, you definitely wearing it out quicker.
Could you take a few pics and post them up in the media section, perhaps we could help.