Bolt that attaches lift arm to bucket broken.

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Aug 25, 2007
The Bolt on the Left lift arm where it attaches at the pivot on the attachment plate thing on my 753 Bobcat is broken. By looking at it I should be able to pull the bolt on the other side and drop the whole thing down and pull the broken bolt out out. I didn't notice it right away so I think I may have worn out the bearing as well on the attachment plate. Is this going to be an expensive fix? I assume this is a pretty common problem I just bought the machine a few weeks ago but I am pretty handy is this something I can fix on my own?


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Dec 7, 2004
This shouldn't be hard to fix, nor expensive as long as it hasn't worn too much.
You need to remove the pin from the tilt ram and un-do the bolt on the other side of the bobtach where the pin is to hold the bobtach that is still secured. You will need to remove the grease nipple as you will need to use a punch and hammer to push the pins out of the arms and into the bobtach to allow it to be removed. Its hard to explain but its easy to do. You need to remove the grease nipples as the pin needs the space where the grease is. It will make a mess but you can't help that. The pins has a taper where they attach to the lift arms. They need a good hit to get them free.
When you have the pins pushed inside the bobtach the bobtach will fall down. You may need to replace the bushing inside the bobtach where the pins runs. These can be replaced but they can be a pain to remove. Buy new pins and bushings if worn, but if its not too badly worn you can leave it alone.
See how you go. Sorry i can't explain it better but it gives you an idea and i'm sure you can work it out. If not, just let us know and someone will be able to steer you in the rite direction.
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