Bobcat S 220, Parking Brake Kills Engine

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Jake Howk

New member
Jul 28, 2006
Got in the skid steer today and when I pushed the green button, it made a funny clunk, different than usual. I thought maybe the parking brake had went out (it wasn't activated with the switch, but was on because the seat bar had been up) so I flipped the switch to activate the brake, it immediatly killed the engine and turned off the display. The machine would not start until I flipped the brake switch off, then it started, everything seemed to work fine but once again the parking brake killed the engine when I tried it. I checked and the brake seems to be engaged when the seat bar is up and seems to completely disengage when the button is pushed, but kills the engine when the switch is flipped. Anybody have any idea what is wrong with the machine?

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Jan 20, 2006
No blown fuses? There must be a breaker that resets when you disengage the park brake. I'm thinking a short circuit in that circuit is taking power away from the engine run solinoid and (by overloading then blowing the breaker)
When you say switch you are refering to the p brake pedal on the floor?


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