Bobcat 743 stalling when turning

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Mar 27, 2023
Hello all,

I've been reading a few of the other threads about similar issues but thought I'd get everyone's thoughts on my own. I have a 1994 ( I think) bobcat 743, The machine is in great condition overall, only 1698 hours, starts right up even when cold, minimal blowby. The only issues I've found are that when I go to do a zero turn with the sticks maxed out in either direction, the machine will get about halfway through the turn and then bog down and stall, I was able to replicate the problem with the spinning tires test, with the bucket against a tree in my yard, I'm able to get the tires to spin by pushing the sticks forward 1/2-3/4 of the way forward, I can hold them there and spin tires all day, but if I push them any further forward again the machine sputters and dies. this is accompanied by a noticeable hydraulic whine ( worst when turning and really bad at low RPM), when I'm moving straight forward there's minimal noise, same for lifting/tilting the bucket, you can hear the pump working but it doesn't sound like it's straining. I recently rebuilt the left lift cylinder as it was leaking badly, I topped off the hydro fluid with 15w-40 and plan to try and flush and replace the hydraulic fluid once the new filter comes in, I've also ordered a new fuel filter and pickup tube ( pulled the old one and the screen on the end was missing, just a rubber hose with a metal barb at the end), is there anything else I could be missing that could cause this? I know these older machines tend to have noisy hydraulics, I just don't want to do any undue damage to my pump or drive motors unknowingly. Thanks in advance!


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Dec 18, 2011
I thought the standard hydro fluid for that generation machine is 10w-30. What you added may be a little thick.

Cary E Sip Sr

Jan 16, 2023
(comment about suction screen inside of a fuel or gas tank ) I grew up with mostly sediment bowels under a gas tank . It was the operators job to check that every day along with oil & water etc. Now , I guess , with a screen in the tank , the designers want condensation , debris , rust , or even a fly to stay in the tank until you have a major blockage . Where would you want a inline filter to service occasionally ?