Best used 75-80 hp machine.

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Joe Eustace

New member
Jun 20, 2022
I’m new to the forum. I own a S300 and a ls160 new Holland. Both good machines but a friend is asking for advice on the best machine in the 75 hp range. Thoughts?TIA


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Mar 1, 2018
since I am getting old I would like to run a JCB loader for a test , you get in from the side , visability one one side is very good not so much on the other. but it runs the kohler ( lombardi diesel) I have one in my wacker-neuson sw-20 and so far it has been very good and that machine really has been a good buy for me but crawling over whatever is on the front kinda sucks. you do not state a price window . all new machine are gonna be pricy, it is just how much pain are you willing to tolerate.


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Jul 19, 2016
are you asking NEW machines or used?
as if used, honestly it comes down to condition and how it was used or abused more than I think model, as long as other things are the same!

and then the basic's would also apply,. what is the machine going to be used for, as some models have wider longer wheel bases, or some have 2 speeds, , or higher flow rates,and so on
so used?? condition matters most, if they have the same features one wants!

I think I also would like to try a side door model, like the JCB tele boom, seems like a great option to have
only flaw i see with them is, your always working from one side of the machine over being placed in the center, will take a little getting used too I would think, but not a huge deal!