Backhoe attachment issues

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Mar 3, 2024
Bought a case backhoe attachment for my 75xt and am new to machinery, I have a couple questions.
1) in order to run the backhoe I have to engage the auxiliary pedal in the cab. Doesn't seem correct to lean out the cab to work the controls! Any way to lock this pedal in the on position??
2) I blew a hydraulic hose that controls the arm and dumped all the fluid out, I went to move it after adding fluid and unhooking the quick connect lines and the arm retracted.
How do I get the arm stretched out so I can get to the hose in order to remove it?
3) Best place to buy the brackets and arms that attach the backhoe to skid steer???
I'd appreciate any and all help on these!
Thank you


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Jul 19, 2016
just a FYI
it might help if you add what brand model backhoe you have, I know there are a few brands and models and believe they all use different mounts/brackets, so knowing what one you have may help others help you!