Alumi Tech Pickup Bed Covers

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Jan 20, 2006
I recently purchased this cover from Alumi Tech in Sask Canada and wanted to pass a few photos on incase anyone is considering a bed cover. These are a manual crank to stow design that take up about 6" above your bed at the front when stowed, and are tensioned maually with a hand crank, so they can always be correctly tensioned to prevent flapping.
Easliy removed or deployed in under a minute. These are by far the best quality cover I have seen. Water is channeled into the side rails and can run out of the rails at either end to keep your bed dry. They are a no drill install and have a foam gasket between the rails and truck to seal and protect your truck bed. Retail price for the truck pictured is 999.00 cdn funds.
I'd like to find a handful of people interested in these. If i can sell a couple units in the next four months I can get a dealership on them and would be willing to sell @ cost just to get the dealership. If your interested shoot me you email and I'll let you know what you can have on for..
I realize these are not the cheapest covers on the market, but you won't be disapointed with the quality.

For mor information visit their web site at