731 axle seal

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Jan 21, 2004
, Well this thing is leaking all over my garage floor, I have the manual and it doesnt look to hard, Any tricks of the trade, Thanks


Dec 26, 2004
Shooter; Hello. I have a 632 apart now. My main reason was to fix the hyd. leak. The chain case was FULL of oil, which means the hydro motors seals are leaking into the case. Then I seen the right frt seal was seeping, not much......but as long as you have it apart, you might as well! You have to lift up the pump up about 1 1/2 in. Then remove the steering cross shaft, then remove the cover, drain the fluid, (plug is in the lower frt of case) Bobcat does NOT have master links in their chains, unless one has broke, and a link was put in. There is a 1 1/8 bolt holding the sprocket on the end of the axle. Also, A larger bolt on the hydo motor,( I forget the size) IF you are lucky, you can get the chain off, BUT some times you have to loosen the 4 bolts that hold on the hydo motor. Now, the bearings are PRESSED on the axle shaft, so remove the tire and wheel, and take a flat piece of 1/4 steel and drill two holes in it , so two lug nut studs will fit. Then, I used my big slide hammer to remove it. I welded a 3/4'' pipe nipple on the steel, cause thats the size of my slide hammer. Some try a small porto power, in between the axles, but you can bow the case. NOW, the bearing has to be pressed off. (you do have a press,don't ya?) Then, after put the seal on the shaft, press the bearing back on (this is the time for new ones,and races) Now,Bobcat makes a special tool to install the seal. The manuel shows this. It's a split ring, with a spring to hold it together. It's a big deal to install this two bit seal! I'm looking for two hydo motors for mine. Bobcat gets $1,800.00 for these. The Ross motors are a thing of the past! They want 400 to 500 to rebuild one.....I haven't done any thing yet, but sure would like to get it back together. Sorry for the long post. If I can be of any help email me or if you know of any motors!! Bob