2016 Kubota SVL75-2

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Feb 10, 2023
Here's my Skidsteer. I picked this beast up at the end of February. Its used I purchased it at an auction. My plan is to retire a little early from my current job and work for myself. My wife an I both have great careers. But over the years my profession has taken a tole on me as well as my family. We invested a lot of money in this with very little experience. Prior to this I only had about an hour in a skid steer. Im fortunate enough that I can do all my maintenance and minor repairs. Also have a support network of other dudes that are doing the same thing. A long time friend who I met early in my career has sorta pointed me in the right direction and has helped me countless times. Also has work lined up for me. This will be a slow process. But I joined this form to get all the info I can about working these machines.


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